Online notes of Various BCA subjects

As far as online notes for different subjects of BCA course is concerned, there is no such web site providing notes for all the subjects. The students will have to get the online notes of different BCA subjects from different web sites.

Normally, BCA course in many of the universities include subjects like client server technology, internet and java programming, E-commerce, software engineering, multimedia, business and accounting, data structures and algorithm, RDBMS, information technology concepts, programming in C, C++, web designing and online systems, computer networks, operating systems, visual basics and scientific computing. For all these subjects, the BCA students will have to go to different web sites for getting the notes.

First of all, the students should collect the reference book details for each subject and then they can try to find those books online with the help of search engines. The subject wise reference books for some of the BCA subjects are given below, which will be helpful for the BCA students for searching that particular book online.

Numeric Methods:

This subject is followed by some universities like Pune University. For this subject some of the reference books are operation research written by V.K. Kapoor or by J.K. Sharma, Numerical methods written by E. Balagurusamy and Computer Oriented Numerical Method written by V. Rajaraman.

Software Engineering:

Some of the reference books for this subject are System Analysis Design written by Prof. Parthasarathy and Prof. Khalkar and Software Engineering written by Roger s. Pressman.


For this subject, the reference books are Database Management System written by Bipin Desai and Database System Concepts written by Silberschatz, Korth and Sudershan.

Programming using C++:

The best reference book for this subject is Programming with C++ written by E. Balaguruswamy.

The BCA students can search for the above-mentioned books online for the respective subject.


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