Can Commerce Students apply For BCA Course

Most of the students doing their higher secondary education think that science students alone can apply for the BCA course. But, this is not true, even commerce students can apply for the BCA course. The only eligibility criteria in most of the universities offering BCA course is that the student should have studied mathematics as a subject in their 10+2 level. So, commerce students with mathematics as a subject in their +2 level can apply for the BCA course.

Even though, most of the universities admit commerce students to the BCA course, there are some universities like Cochin University, which admit only students with PCM in their +2 level for the BCA course. So, it is better for the students to check the eligibility criteria for the BCA course, before applying for the course in any university. The commerce students having interest in computer application and related field can take up BCA course.

BCA course will develop the scope for commerce students to get job in IT industry since they will be able to develop software programming skills by doing the BCA course. They can also do MCA course after completion of the BCA course, which will enable them to get job in top-rated IT companies like TCS, Wipro, CTS, etc…

So, only some universities are offering BCA course for science students alone. Almost all other universities admit both science and commerce stream students to the BCA course. Since the eligibility criterion differs from one college or university to another, it is better to check with university or college in which the commerce student wishes to do the BCA course.

BCA graduates can get jobs in call centers or they can also start their career in the field of networking in corporate companies. There are also job opportunities for BCA graduates in software solution providing companies.


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    I have completed 10+2 from commerce without maths so can i do bca without maths?

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    can repeter students are addmision in bca