BCA from DU

Bachelor of Computer Education is on demand these days. There are many companies who are in need for a BCA graduate. There are many colleges and universities in India, which are offering BCA. Some of these universities are exceptionally good, some are average and some are just there. Many students look for BCA course in Delhi University. But, the bad news to them is that Delhi University does not offer BCA course. Even though, Delhi University does not offer BCA, it offers some other graduation courses in the field of computer science and information technology, they are Bachelor of Information Sciences – BIS and Bachelor of Information Technology – BIT.

Apart from BIS and BIT, the university also offers Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application, Ph. D in Computer Science, B. Sc (Hons.) Computer Science, M. Sc Computer Science and Master of Computer Application under the Department of Computer Sciences. In addition to the above-mentioned courses in Computer Science, Delhi University also offers B.E. in Computer Engineering and Information Technology.
Delhi University believes in providing the high class knowledge to all its students. Students who wish to do their BCA course can choose any of the above-mentioned computer related courses offered by the university since Delhi University does not offer BCA degree. But, if a student wishes to do BCA, he can select any of the following Universities and colleges in Delhi offering BCA:

  • Jamia Harmdard University
  • Guru Gobind Singh IP University
  • D.A.V. Centenary College
  • Vision Institute of Advance Studeis
  • Global Institute of Information Technology
  • Asian Institute of Management Studies
  • Technical Institute of Technology
  • Technical Institute of Advanced Studies
  • School of Information Technology

With the increasing need for BCA graduates, many students wish to take up BCA course and they can approach any of the above-mentioned universities and colleges in Delhi.


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    Guru Gobind Singh IP University